Hi! My name is Maciej and I have been a SPECialist programmer since 2007!

Specialist – sounds scary… It doesn’t mean that when you contact with me with a question that I’ll bombard you with technical phrases. Thanks to my wonderful wife, I know how to talk with people. Upon meeting me, you will find that I break a stereotype of IT guy with pimple-eyes in a plaid shirt. You will find that this view is supported in the testimonials from people that I have worked with over the years on a variety of projects all over the world.

Professional – I’m self-taught, which required a great deal of patience, commitment and self-discipline. With these qualities I certainly understand the importance of deadline’s and maintaining a high quality of work. I’m SPECific but I love to work with people. Normal conversation can be incredibly informative and inspiring.

Effective – maybe it’s strange for my profession, but for some time I stopped being a “Night Owl”. Why? I get up in the morning and first thing I do is programming. Freshly charged batteries work better than those already slightly used at the end of a day.

Creative – a lot of the work that I do every day is relatively standard and process orientated. There are also those light bulb moments in this line of work when you get up in the morning and immediately have clarity of a difficult problem in which you have been trying to solve. The moments in which you have found a solution to a difficult problem are what motivate me and continually self-improve.


This is my main specialization. For connection with database I prefer to use PDO. If I have to use ORM then Doctrine 2. I made a few minor fixes in Zend framework. I also have a lot of experience working with Symfony 1.4 and Doctrine 1.2. Currently I’m using Symfony 2.


Cutting from PSD to HTML is not a problem for me. Mostly I have been using CSS (including CSS3) than graphic. For bells and whistles I’ll use jQuery. I’ll like to point out that jQuery from my perspective is a framework – not a language. For a long time I have used pure JavaScript. Recently, I have also started using Sass, Compass and Susy.


I worked a lot with WordPress. In my work I have created several big portals on MODx. I avoid Joomla like the plague but if there is something to do that is in that space I can assist. I’m not afraid of custom CMS (proprietary IT solutions). I have done a lot of fixes on code in which the quality is exceptional as well as fixes on code that is poorly designed. On other popular CMS I have not had the chance to work in that area but will gladly take up such a challenge going forward.

My tasks: PSD to HTML5, HTML to WordPress, WordPress customization Technology: WordPress, Sass (Compass, Susy, Breakpoint), jQuery

Graphic design & project management: plantacjastudio.pl


You have to check their projects. Those guys can do with the metal thing what I can do with PHP – everything :-)

Graphic design: Damian Popiół


I lost some weight when I was creating this portal just from looking at those guys with passion. Custom plugin for WordPress did a “hat trick” here. 3:0 for Geek vs Sportsman!

Graphic design & project management: Damian Popiół

Great startup created with great people. I still don’t know Hebrew but I do know how to play “האם להיות בך מאוהב”! :-)


Dror Kartash

CO-CEO of negina.co.il

I’ve been working with Maciej for the past 3 years, and I can only say good things about him. Maciej is a true professional, his code is clean and efficient, and he always finds creative ways to work through complex tasks. His professionalism is also expressed by following dead lines, and taking responsibilities which are far more than you’ll expect from a “hired gun”. His input is always very valuable and been taken into management consideration. On top of that, Maciej is a team player, and a great guy to work with. He’s a keeper, and I highly recommend him to anybody who’s looking for a top notch PHP programmer.

Edward Famolaro

CEO of Locupletis Holdings Ltd.

We own and manage a portfolio of websites ranging from those which are simple WordPress based sites to those which have been custom build with PHP. For each project, no matter how big or small, simple or complex, Macej approaches each project professionally and competently. His solutions always exceed our expectations and are delivered on time. We have been working with Macej for over a year now and have used him for in excess of 15 projects (both simple and very complex). He is a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend his services.